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Editing menu.lst Revisited

Posted by cquirke on 24 March 2008

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In response to this entry, Cenk Kulacoglu asks why I spawned a new CLI session rather than just run a terminal instance from the appropriate menu.  The reason is simple; I didn’t think of that  :-)

In addition, one doesn’t have to use the vi text editor.  In fact, you can at least initiate most of this via the GUI’s menus, though the lack of an equivalent to Vista’s right-click, “run as admin” makes you more CLI-bound than should be necessary.

The easier way I now use is as follows; start a command line window from the appropriate menu, navigate to /boot/grub, sudo to chmod the menu.lst file for editing, then sudo gedit menu.lst to edit the file in a more familiar style of text editor.  After saving the edits, chmod the menu.lst back to protect it, and you’re done.

The stumbling block was having to “smell” that the nice text editor seen via the GUI menu, is named gedit, so that one can invoke it from the CLI.  It’s necessary to invoke it from the CLI rather than the GUI menu, because the GUI menu lacks a “run as admin” (i.e. with root access) facility.


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