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Posted by cquirke on 11 April 2008

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At the risk of sounding like a self-important vendor spending millions on announcing a changed product name, this post is a muse about where to take this blog.

The “problem” is that this blog hosting service has the feature set I want to use, and I want to do more than write about Linux.

I like the symmetry of “blog“, Vista Curve” and “Linux Curve“, and it’s not obvious as to how this third blog will be differentiated with the others.  I was thinking of calling it “The Long View”, to include ideas for Windows 7, IE 8 (before that gets feature-frozen, if it hasn’t already), Linux, and the still-neglected area of maintenance OSs. 

But I also want to use the web site structure offered by WordPress to cover timeless “how do I…” issues definitively, e.g. how to defend against USB infectors.  The things I’d have done on my old web sites in the old days, and as these are not particularly forward-looking, they don’t fit “The Long View”.

Perhaps it depends on how well WordPress can offer alternate faces for web and blog content.  If it’s good at that, I’ll use that to separate the gritty reality of the site from the more futuristic blog.  Or maybe I can shell the “Linux Curve” within the “Long View” blog, much as my old Win9x site was shelled under a new parent site as I turned attention towards XP.

You may think it’s odd that an MVP has a blog dedicated to Linux, but IMO, any “long view” (5+ years) has to count in alternatives to Windows, and to PCs for that matter.  Microsoft’s research labs would be doing the same, and they aren’t just cooking up new versions of MS Office and Windows.  But as users, we don’t have the same ability to design our futures – we’d have to choose from off-the-peg solutions that could be so different that today’s judgement of acceptability cannot be assumed to hold.


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