CQuirke’s Long View

Long lead times need long forward planning


I’m a freelance fixer and builder of PCs, with interests in maintenance OSs that boot and operate independently of hard drive installations (and yet can maintain them).  Hence interest in Bart PE, WinPE, Linux, and the Boot-Land projects and forums.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. James P. H. Fuller said

    Hi there. I think it’s possible (google is one’s friend–if one isn’t a Chinese dissident–but google is also full of false positives) you are the cquirke who posted the following:

    1) Namespace vs. file system abstraction layers

    Windows Explorer is a namespace browser, and that may vary when compared to a true file system browser. Some namespace items have no file system equivalents, e.g. “My Computer”, while others are editorialized interpretations of file system realities, e.g. Control Panel, or other namespaces that see the contents of a single file as if they were a collection of separate “files”

    If that was in fact you, thanks very much and Fuller tips hat. Very useful intro to why I can see stuff in Downloaded Program Files from cmd window but not in explorer.

    If it wasn’t you then no harm done, I hope, and please excuse the ring.

    – JF
    jphf@bellsouth.net (ika_roa@ is a spamcatcher)

  2. cquirke said

    Ah, there you are! I replied to your comment in the wrong place, heh heh (as I wasn’t aware there were any other places yet). Yes, I’m the same dude… what interests me is how Google found this brand-new blog before it found my other two more established blogs (or older web sites, for that matter).

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