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Hello World!

Posted by cquirke on 11 September 2007

Another day, another blog, eh?

Well, I liked the look of this blog host, and I get the feeling it’s one that I can grow into.  There’s a lot more apparent “depth” to what one can do, compared to the blog hosts I’m used to, and much of this may be on target for a blog that also functions as a web page.

I’d want to post from Windows Live Writer, just so I don’t have to learn another online post editor, and be able to back up the entire blog.  This host seems to support that via the “export to XML” function.

I’m currently looking at Linux (again), as I do from time to time.  I’m prompted by some unsettling moves within Microsoft’s Windows platform; poor documentation of product activation and WGA, combined with false-positive activation demands, a recent WGA service failure, and the switch to diskless “air box” products seen with OEM MS Office 2007. 

These things raise the impact of the commercial software model from a one-time payment for a product, to an ongoing vendor dependence that is structured on the vendor’s terms.  I don’t mind paying for good software, but my ability to use that software should not hinge on real-time vendor politics, or whether their on-line services are working properly or not. 

If I was prepared to accept that sort of fragility, I might opt for the third software model; the use of web-based applications, such as this blog hosting service.


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